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No Coal In Oakland

We are committed to resist any effort to build a coal terminal in West Oakland. We are committed to protect our community from attacks on our health and well being. No Coal In Oakland is a campaign by Oakland for Oakland!

What’s going on?

West Oakland has been dealing with the threat of coal, which would worsen already terrible pollution, since 2015.


YVA students made a slideshow to provide more information on this fight to keep Oakland free of coal.

Get Involved

Get Involved

NCIO is the first campaign YVA ever had. We started as a group of Oakland youth and community members organizing direct actions and lobbying against this proposed coal terminal. Everyday without this terminal is a win. It is through our collective action that this terminal has not been built. We are committed to continuing this fight until we win the ultimate battle: no coal terminal in Oakland ever!

We currently meet Tuesdays @ 7PM PST on Zoom. 

Fill out the Campaign Sign Up Form to join & email and with any questions!

Council members to email: Rebecca Kaplan <>, Dan Kalb <>

Keara O'Doherty <>, Nikki Fortunato Bas <>, Carroll Fife <>, Janani Ramachandran <> Noel Gallo <>, Treva Reid <>

Email Oakland City Council!

Email Template:

Dear Oakland City Councilmember or Official, 

As you may know, a battle has been raging in Oakland’s District 3. In 2013, real estate developer Phil Tagami signed a deal to develop on Oakland’s old army base. 2 years later, the world found out that Tagami was planning on building a coal terminal on the land, threatening the already polluted West Oakland Community with more pollution. In 2016, Oakland passed a law banning coal. Ever since, Tagami’s company has fought tirelessly to overturn the ban, and turn West Oakland into a coal-exporting center. I’m emailing to let you know that I oppose this. I urge you to push back against Tagami and stop coal from entering Oakland, for Oakland’s sake, and for the planet’s sake. 

From, a Concerned Community Member

Thank you to SF YVA club members Jackson & Russell for working on this template!

Take Action Now

Spread Awareness!

The power of social media is real. The more people post about this injustice, the more people become aware of this issue, the more people get involved. The more people actively stay involved the better we can fight against this injustice, and injustices like these. 


Follow @youthvsapocalypse on Instagram to stay updated on actions to attend and take!

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