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Hannah Estrada (she/her)

SF Education & Organizing Coordinator

The Sunflower Project Coordinator

Who is Hannah?

Hannah is an 19-year-old organizer from San Francisco (occupied Ohlone Territory). She got involved in organizing when she was 15 years old initially through Girls Inc. in Oakland, California. From there she found YVA and learned about how almost all of the injustices seen today are connected and root from the same system. Since learning how all of these injustices are connected, Hannah has found herself dedicating the majority of her time towards organizing. She states: "If I'm not with my partner, my puppy Bear, or doing school work, I'm organizing. I love every second of it. I learn and teach and grow connections with others all while working to secure a livable and just future for my people and for the generations after me."


Instagram: @estrada.hannah

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