9/24 Climate Strike

10 AM- Embarcadero Plaza SF



We are calling on our representatives, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Governor Gavin Newsom to stand up for our lives.










Stop Line 3- Honor Indigenous Rights

End The Filibuster - Secure Voting Rights

Pass the 3.5  Trillion Reconciliation Bill - We Can’t Afford Not To

No Drilling Where We’re Living - Environmental Justice is Climate Justice

And Pass The #Green New Deal Now 


Thank you to our Strike Co-Sponsors:

Warriors For Justice,  Amazon Watch, Student Environmental Resource Center at UC Berkeley, CODEPINK Women for Peace, Sunflower Alliance, East Bay Democratic Socialists of America, Extinction Rebellion San Francisco Bay Area, Fossil Free California, Oil and Gas Action Network, 350 Bay Area, SF Bay Physicans for Social Responsibility

Wear Yellow, Red or Orange, because our world is on fire.
Paint fire on your signs!

Chant List

Ain’t no power

like the power of the youth

Cuz the power of the youth

Don’t stop!


1  2  3  4

Kick Line 3 right out the door

5  6  7  8

We need a future, we can’t wait

What do we want?

A livable earth (climate justice, treaty rights)

When do we want it?


When our communities are under attack

What do we do?

Stand up fight back! (x2)

When our communities are under attack

What do we do?

Stand up fight back! (x2)

Show me what democracy looks like!

This is what democracy looks like!

Los jóvenes unidos

Jamás serán vencidos

Climate Change is not a lie!

Do not let our planet die!

Rise up!

Get down!

There’s a people’s movement

In this town!

Raise your fist, raise your hand,

Environmental racism will not stand

Whose streets?

Our streets!!

One, we are the children

Two, a little bit louder

Three,  we want climate justice

For our community

Hey Joe Biden, look around

We say keep it in the ground!

Hey Pelosi, look around

We need justice in this town!

Rise up

Get down

There’s a people’s movement

In this town


Youth are rising

Water is life

United we stand

Together we fight


Hey hey

Ho ho

Fossil fuels have got to go!

I believe that we will win

I believe that we will win!

Hoy nos van a escuchar

Paren de contaminar!

No Line 3

No Way

Not Ever

Not Today

Up with the students (planet, clean air, water, etc.)

Yeah, yeah!

Down with Line 3 (racism, pollution, etc.)

Boo, boo!

stay involved: texT @yvajoin to 81010

924 Strike Flier (1).png

 8/27/2021 Climate Strike


Photo Credit: Peter Menchini

What is Line 3?

Line  3 is a proposed pipeline expansion that will bring millions of barrells of tar sand from Alberta, Canada to Superior, Wisconsin. Enbridge, a company at fault for the largest inland oil spill in the U.S, wants to build this new pipeline through untouched wetlands and treaty territory of Anishinaabe peoples as well as through the Mississipi River and the shore of Lake Superior.

The U.S. government has a responsibility under federal law to honor the rights guaranteed to tribal members in their treaties. The proposed Line 3 corridor would violate the treaty rights of the Anishinaabeg by endangering primary areas of hunting, fishing, wild rice and cultural resources in the 1855 treaty territory.


The climate effects of Line 3 are enormous--Line 3 will carry enough oil to produce about 170 billion kilograms of carbon dioxide per year, equivalent to about 50 coal power plants, or 38 million vehicles on our roads.


For more information on Line 3 visit STOPLINE3.org

Call Biden at 1-888-724-8946

Call The Army Corps of Engineers at 202-761-5903 or 202-761-1878



How are CalSTRS and our Teachers involved?

Most California public school teachers have no idea that CalSTRS, their pension fund, invests over $6 billion in the fossil fuel industry, including millions in Enbridge, the company that is building Line 3 . It is extremely ironic that teachers, who spend their careers preparing their students for the future, have a retirement that is invested in environmental racism and the destruction of their students’ future..

We must show CalSTRS that they cannot silence the youth and keep teachers from knowing what is happening in their boardroom and about their $6 billion investments that are funding a climate catastrophe and a racist pipeline. Since CalSTRS is the largest teachers’ pension fund in the country, what happens in California can have a tremendous impact globally.


Environmental Racism Here In SF

The Hunters Point Naval Shipyard (HPNS) is a Federal Superfund Site on the National Priorities List. This means that it is one of the most contaminated sites in the United States. The Shipyard was the site of the Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory and is full of radioactive and toxic waste.


The HPNS is located in Bayview Hunters Point (BVHP), a low-income community of color ranked as one of the communities in the state most at risk from pollution. Residents suffer from high rates of asthma and cancer. 


Lennar/FivePoint built homes contaminated and they plan to build thousands more homes, despite alleged fraud in the cleanup and inadequate cleanup. 



  1. Declare MORATORIUM on Lennar’s Shipyard development and unsafe soil excavation!


  3. Conduct full retesting, safe cleanup, and removal of all radioactive and toxic waste at the Shipyard Superfund Site and Treasure Island


Youth Vs. Apocalypse is a diverse group of young climate justice activists working together to lift the voices of youth, in particular, youth of color, and fight for a livable climate and an equitable, sustainable, and just world. We are all passionate people based in the Bay Area.