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Zaynab Jawaid (she/her)

Lead Circle Member

Who is Zaynab?

Zaynab Jawaid is a sophomore majoring in Environmental Science. She lives in the East Bay and learned about YVA from Instagram. She joined YVA in January 2021 as a fellow in the fellowship program. Now she is now Co-coordinator for the Green New Deal Campaign. Zaynab is motivated to organize within her community because bathe effects of the climate crisis do not spare anybody. Islam is also a motivating factor because it stresses the importance of standing up to oppressors and caring for the earth. Zaynab has enjoyed meeting people who share the same passion for social justice at YVA. Before joining YVA, Zaynab did not know many youth who were involved in the environmental movement.


How to connect with Zaynab

Instagram: @hellozaynab

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