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What Can A School Club Do For Climate Justice?

Do you want to fight for climate justice? Are you part of a club at your school?

That's the first step to organizing your school to take action as a group!

Here are our suggestions on what your school club can do for climate justice.

Educating and Organizing Your Community:

  • Offer Class Presentations in classes of supportive teachers. See YVA’s Website for ideas. Make sure to get names and numbers of students who want to get involved.

  • Educate your club members: watch a video, read an article, or do an activity from the YVA resources list, discuss

  • Create Social Media content to post on your school and individual Instagram and Tik Tok pages, to inform about your club, climate justice, and collective action.

  • Do a postering campaign 

  • Bring 2 friends to your club. Ask them to bring 2 friends etc.

  • Talk with your teachers about divesting their pension fund from Fossil Fuels. Get them to look at the "For Teachers" section on our Divest CalSTRS page and take action.

  • See if you can get a majority of your school to sign on to a petition that they support climate action. Then see if you can get a majority to do something a bit more involved, like participate in a rally.

Host School-wide Events:

  • Paint a temporary mural at your school or in the community to educate about a specific issue. Pass out info on actions students can take on that issue. (see below for ideas)

  • Host a booth where students can call or write to their elected officials demanding climate action

  • Host a speak-out or vigil or rally at your school.

  • Support rules and curriculum at your school that work to honor justice and equality.

Actions you can mobilize students at your school to take:

Actions you can mobilize students at your school to take:

  • Attend a YVA (or other group) climate strike or action. Mobilize to go as a school based group. You can look at the YVA website, or other national groups like Zero Hour, Fridays for Future, Sunrise, and Future Coalition for ideas on campaigns to support. Contact local groups that work on related issues like immigrant rights, economic justice, and fighting racism.

  • Mobilize to get the public pension funds in your state to stop investing in fossil fuels.  Talk to your teachers to get them to get their union to support divestment. Check out our Divest CalSTRS page or contact us for more information.

  • Get your school or district to support a resolution demanding climate action or pass a climate emergency resolution.

Click here for a Google Doc version of this page!

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