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Support An Activist Fund

Due to technical difficulties please use the donation page linked below to donate to our Support An Activist Fund. Please title your donation “Support An Activist Fund” in the message box.

YVA centers the leadership and perspective of frontline youth leaders, many of them BIPOC, many of them coming from homes without many finacial resources. 

Sometimes for these youth, the material costs of just getting by can make the chance to organize super-humanly challenging. Whether it is not being able to afford a new computer to advance a social media strategy, or needing to suddenly fundraise to cover legal fees for a parent detained by ICE, or spending thousands each year on exorbitant fees to speak to an incarcerated parent, the costs of oppression can block young people's chances to be themselves and to organize. 

Sometimes, it is as simple as needing a new phone charger or some health food til the end of the month, sometimes the cost is more ongoing. 

YVA hopes to stand in solidarity with the front line youth who make this movement possible. We want to see our young people. We want to honor them for exactly who they are and recognize the dignity in their struggle and their power.

We are launching a special fund, where 100% of the money raised will be granted directly to support the material needs of frontline youth organizers facing economic oppression. If you donate at this link, all funds, minus the 7% administrative fee of our fiscal sponsor, will be re-granted directly to youth activists in need.

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