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Simren Sandhu

Social Media Lead

Hip Hop & Climate Justice Team Member

Who is Simren?

Simren Kaur Sandhu is a 15-year-old activist from San Pablo, California (occupied Ohlone land). As a young Punjabi-Sikh American, her passion to make change has stemmed from her cultural identity. Learning about her peoples’ history inspires her to use her voice for change. Subsequently, Simren began getting involved in activism after learning about different social justice issues through social media. Her first experience with environmental justice was through the Climate Justice Club at her school. From there, she became involved with YVA, where she currently works as a TikTok Co-Coordinator, “Hip Hop & Climate Justice” Social Media and Outreach Organizer, and Lead Circle Member. She believes that climate justice is not just about the climate, but is about centering the voices of those who were most harmed by the impacts of climate change and dismantling the systems that were built to poison their environments.


Instagram: @simrennnnnnnn

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