René Revolorio Keith (they/them)

Education & Organizing Coordinator

Who is Rene?

René Revolorio Keith is 22 years old, and currently lives in unceded Chochenyo-Ohlone land, also known as Oakland, CA. Rene is a lifelong activist and land rights organizer as well as a multimedia visual artist, poet, and aspiring herbalist. They were born into a family of activists and was raised in the struggle for human rights of Indigenous and Third World Peoples. Rene is a queer nonbinary chingonx who hates gentrification, disposability politics and the incessant violence against the Earth and its inhabitants. But they are also a person who fiercely and passionately loves their family, their community, the mangroves and the coral reefs, and wants only the best for them as they only want the best for Rene. Rene likes YVA because they get to work with kickass young people who are fighting for climate justice in their own community.


How to connect with Rene