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Raven Fonsenca Jensen

Lead Circle Member

Calstrs Coordinator

Who is Raven?

Raven Fonseca Jensen is seventeen years old, and lives in Berkeley and Oakland CA (Ohlone Land). She is a campaign coordinator for the Divest CalSTRS campaign. Raven first got into climate activism during the 2021 election, but was inspired at an early age by her radical family. She began to see how our entire society is constructed in an exploitative way, and that we need real systemic change if we want to build a truly just world. Raven is a part of Youth vs Apocalypse because she wants to fight the Climate Crisis in a way that also fights White Supremacy, Capitalism, and all forms of oppression. She believes that Climate Justice is creating a world where people are always put before profits, and everyone is treated with respect. She wants to turn her anxiety about the world into action, and is inspired by all the other amazing activists around her. One of Raven's favorite things about YVA is getting to meet other kids who share her values. She is hopeful for the future, not because it's certain, but because hope is the best tool that an organizer can have! Raven hopes that together, we can make real change in this world.


Instagram: @bigravin

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