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Youth Speakout Feb 24th

"The Youth Speakout on February 24th was a collective platform where young people can hop on the stage and talk about their experiences to community members. These experiences could have been about climate injustices they face, but it was not limited to that. They were able to talk about social issues or talk about what they wanted to see a change in their communities. This Speakout was aimed to provide a platform so that young people could have their voices heard by community members, and community organizations, and some elected officials came out and listened to young people too. Young people could either just speak from their hearts, or they can come up with some type of art form like poetry, song, or performance art, like a dance.

My experience at the Youth Speakout was phenomenal. I felt seen and heard by the people in my community. And I hope youth all over Oakland can feel this way whenever they speak about anything that makes them uncomfortable. This is why speaking out is so important because if we speak up about what happens in our communities than other people will have to start listening."

- Airieanna Murrel, Oakland High

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