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Tyre Nichols Event at Oakland Tech Feb 11th

On February 6th, 2023, Oakland Tech student leaders organized a block party vigil to honor the legacy of Tyre Nichols. Moved by the horrific murder at the hands of five officers, Georgia Wallace and Satya Zamudio took the initiative to mobilize fellow Bay Area youth from their school and outside to express their pain and find solace in community.

Students engaged in music, public speaking, and art to denounce the anti-blackness embedded in the Criminal Justice System's policies and procedures. A mural was painted on Broadway advocating for the end of state violence. About 100 to 200 people attended the event; even preschoolers from Abundant Beginnings spoke on megaphones. Appreciation goes out to the partners of the event, Anti-Police Terror Project and Community United for Restorative Youth Justice.

The youth have made it clear that all injustices are connected. Until all forms of anti-blackness, anti-women, and more "isms" are eliminated from society, there will be no liberation. So, join the youth in the struggle against oppression.

Here are some statements made by the Oakland Tech seniors who organized this moving event:

"I don't know if this is as much about Oakland Tech as it is about our generation. I hope that the more we do things like this, students feel empowered to hold space for their own emotions and pain."

- Georgia Wallace

"Being the biggest public high school, I think it's important that the student body feels united and understands how powerful we are. Holding events like this is a really good way to have those moments of being united. Seeing all of us out here is already empowering in itself."

- Sayta Zamudio

Written by Gracie Osborne

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