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Stop Coal in Oakland -- Speak at City Council This Tuesday May 16th

Updated: May 16

We are calling on you with an urgent need to speak out against coal and environmental racism at the Oakland City Council Meeting Tuesday May 16th at 6pm.


Meet at 6 pm at Oakland City Hall (1 Frank Ogawa Plaza)

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We are fighting coal in Oakland because of the issues it brings to us and our communities. We already are exposed to toxic air quality and suffer health effects like asthma, cancer, cardiovascular issues among others. We have been fighting this issue since 2015 when we first learned that Phil

Tagami and his coal developers had signed a secret deal to ship large amounts of coal to Oakland, and wanting to build an export terminal on the old army base in West Oakland, a community that is already plagued by factories, ports, etc. From this, the No Coal in Oakland (NCIO) campaign was born.

Here is an Op Ed by some YVA youth back in 2018.

Starting 2016, YVA began to organize actions, demanding Tagami to change his mind about transporting coal to Oakland. From 2017 to 2021, the coal issue was handled in the court, causing construction on the terminal to be put on hold as Phil Tagami and the City of Oakland sued each other.

Now, City Council may be considering a settlement -- and we need to make sure that keeps Oakland Coal-Free !

We will gather with community, joy, education and food, to prepare to tell city council we don't deserve coal.


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