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SF Cohort - Healing the Land June 3rd

Our first ever SF Climate Cohort has been hard at work this semester learning about climate justice issues impacting San Francisco communities, about community organizing strategies and tools, and now applying what they've learned together. The cohort chose to have their end-of-semester project be organizing a community benefit Healing the Land on June 3rd to bring awareness to radiation and environmental racism in Bayview Hunters Point and Treasure Island and support community members affected by fundraising for Dr. Ahimsa Porter Sumchai, a community member who offers cancer screenings in BVHP.

"We are talking about Bayview Hunters Point because there is a radiation crisis with people who live there and we are trying to help Hunters Point in hopes of helping people out who live there. We will hold a fundraiser event at Union Square on June 3rd at 1PM." - Alan

Purpose of Event: Bayview Hunters Point is an area in San Francisco that is surrounded by radiation and it affects everyone who lives in that area which causes a lot of health issues like illnesses and diseases and even causes health issues to children at birth. The radiation was caused by the Navy after WW2 because they would test and create nuclear weapons in that place and left remains of those nuclear weapons and therefore caused the radiation to spread all around this place which is why it is surrounded by radiation today.

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