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PG&E Action March 7th

A group of students from Castlemont HS YVA club joined Reclaim Our Power for an action where PG&E was hosting regulators from the state to talk about “wildfire safety.” We were there to speak out because PG&E is not keeping us safe. They are putting their profits above our lives, and the government should hold them accountable. They are causing fires and killing people. They made 16 billion in profit last year. We were protesting because they keep turning off our power to save themselves money and make a bigger profit. Some people in our group have families members that were impacted by having power out for over 24 hours at a time. WE should own our energy so that it is clean and safe, the state needs to stop bailing out PG&E and letting them make us pay for the damage they cause.

ABC7 News Article :

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