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#PeopleNotProfit March 25 Recap!

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

At 10 AM on March 25th in San Francisco we took to the streets to fight against climate and migrant injustice, which are two connected issues. We stopped at two important locations the ICE building and Blackrock. Many people crossing the border into the US are in some way fleeing climate breakdown, or the effects of the extractive economy. When companies like Blackrock finance forest destruction, people flee while the whole earth suffers. When we depend on fossil fuels, militarization increases and people on the front lines suffer the most. When fighting climate change we must find solutions to rebuild the entire system in order to get rid of the climate crisis. At both stops we painted our hands red and placed them on the ground to tell these institutions that there is blood on there hands.

“I marched on March 25th because because I’m tired of seeing politicians, corporations, and others in power put profit over my community and my generation. Marching was an emotional experience because we were targeting ICE and BlackRock, 2 major entities that have harmed many of us who were at the march first hand. Specifically, being at ICE was the most emotional because they’ve quite literally taken our loved ones away from us. I remember a moment in which we were chanting “para la migra” and I could feel the power from young students holding the banners. Both ICE and BlackRock have blood on their hands and it’s important that we hold them accountable. People can continue to show up in support of these demands by talking about them and speaking them into existence. Climate justice is migrant justice and climate justice is not one singular issue we’re fighting for, the more people talk about them as issues that are connected, the more people can imagine a world in which they don’t exist.”

-Lizbeth Ibarra, Organizer

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