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First Ever SF Cohort

YvA’s first ever San Francisco Cohort launched in February of this semester! This Spring Cohort is a weekly space for students of color and low income students in San Francisco to learn about and organize for intersectional climate issues. This is YVA’s first such climate justice program specifically for SF students!

We're now about halfway through our program with our small cohort learning about climate injustice issues and their related community organizing efforts, specific to the Bay Area and San Francisco. Our 9 cohort members are from schools and neighborhoods all across the city, many schools without existing YvA clubs, so in our cohort we're also building power by supporting these rising leaders who can bring back what they learned to their communities! In our program so far, we've learned about Bayview & Treasure Island radiation, organizing strategies, tactics of change, and done weekly projects like SF mapping, campaign poster-making and presentations, and a personal story workshop! In the next weeks, our cohort will be developing an organizing project together, and continue to sharpen their skills and analysis through practice and community-building.

(Photo of a poster made by students learning how to analyze issues: this poster focuses on "who loses" and "who gains" from overpolicing in Bayview-Hunters Point)

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