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Defund Climate Chaos Recap

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

From David Solnit's Instagram (@davidsolnit)

"On the eve of the Glasgow Climate Talks, wildfire survivors, Indigenous communities and Northern California community groups came together to paint the streets, send a message to Glasgow, and lay a creative siege to the biggest investor in climate chaos—BlackRock.

The demand screen-printed, then hand-colored on cloth signs was, "BlackRock, Banks & Biden, Stop Setting Our World on Fire." Blackrock was surrounded on two sides by two blocks of street mural painted by 20 groups and hundreds of people, their front door was blockaded and chained shut, a giant banner was hung off the adjacent three story Salesforce Transit Center, and finally hundreds of students skipped school to march around Blackrock and through San Francisco's Financial District--aka "Wall St West."

The giant center image painted in the intersection by @cytsidi and team is designed by @jackiefawn, who writes, "This illustration is of an earth warrior protecting a seedling as the fires rise up from climate change and begin to consume the forests. I was inspired by what's happening in California and all the old growth ancestral redwoods we've lost. As a new mom, I want my baby to be able to see the ancestor trees and be able to live in a world where she and her generation can thrive."

Picture by Lewis Lewis Bernier

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