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Choose Action Now Recap

Without consequences, the U.S military extinguishes significant natural resources around the world, destroying people’s lives and livelihoods through the physical violence of polluting

the land. The US military is one of the biggest contributors to climate change, releasing some of the highest CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. The same military that targets youth of color and low income youth for recruitment also contributes to the pollution plaguing their neighborhoods, and the climate disaster they feel the most. How can the U.S military fight for “freedom” and trample on the freedom to breathe clean air and drink clean water? This is why on November 10th we partnered up with different veteran groups and community members for an action we called: “Choose Action Now”. We stood side by side demanding for the defunding of violence and the funding of our futures. At the same time we signaled to world leaders meeting for “climate solutions” at COP27 in Egypt that they must choose significant action now! For this day we were in collaboration with Earth Guardians for their Nov. 12 national day of action, where Earth Guardian groups took action globally. We thank everyone who was able to come, all groups who tabled, all groups who co-sponsored, and all people choosing action now everyday.

“It is important to choose action now because later it won’t be possible to choose action.”

Brian A. Giron Flores W4J

“We need to choose action now because the world can’t wait. We deserve a healthy, livable planet and science shows this is urgent. People in power need to be accountable”

Mx. Cory W4J

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