Choose Action Now!

YVA is hosting a Bay Area Action in San Francisco as part of the Global Climate Strike on November 10, 2022

Choose Action Now is the youth’s response to failed negotiations and 27 years of delay on substantial climate action by world leaders. Through the collective power of our movement, we will demonstrate that youth leaders CAN be the change we want to see in the world, regardless of the outcomes of the negotiations at COP27.

We are coming together to confront the systems that sacrifice our lives for a profit, be that climate destroying fossil fuel companies, or those that profit from and promote militarism and war. In the middle of war around the world and violence on our streets, we are gathering to celebrate our community and each other – to show that we are not disposable and that young people and the planet must be protected from all forms of violence.

We know that the military is the largest emitter of greenhouse gasses in the world and is exempted from following climate protections just as police are offered qualified immunity for their actions. Just as military expansion sacrifices the lives of youth of color through military recruitment, and of communities around the world through militarization and violence, it is also waging a war against our planet.

We call out Lockhead Martin for their role in climate destruction and making money off war, for their huge influence on foreign policy and endless war. We call out the billions of dollars of federal subsidies that go to enriching their CEO instead of addressing the climate emergency.

Lockheed Martin is responsible for building nuclear weapons the world is now being threatened with. We know that military escalation leading to nuclear war would wipe out 99% of life on earth. We call for an end to militarization and escalation.

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