Points of Unity

1. Youth have the ability and right to be leaders in the fight for climate justice. The role of adults in this program is to support youth in their leadership.


2. Science is real, and is to be taken seriously. The October 2018 UN report states that we have until 2030 to make radical changes in order to prevent uncontrollable climate damage.


3. Youth Vs. Apocalypse was named very intentionally. The current climate crisis we are facing mirrors that of an apocalypse.


4. Fighting for climate justice means fighting for racial and economic justice because our current climate crisis is rooted in racism, white supremacy, and economic exploitation.


5. We focus on uplifting voices of color and voices of people from frontline communities because we recognize the systemic silencing of those voices and want to empower those communities to take action on climate justice issues. We recognize that the fight for climate justice cannot be won without these voices.


6. We believe every person can contribute to the fight for climate justice. Youth Vs. Apocalypse is a safe space for youth who are not usually encouraged to use their voices. Youth Vs. Apocalypse strives to make space for youth to inspire and connect with each other.


7. We recognize that our climate crisis is a symptom of the exploitative and extractive way our society treats people and the earth, and we look to indigenous, traditional, and resilient communities for models on how to live sustainably and with integrity.

8. By coming together as young people, we can change the fabric of society. We want our society’s values to be centered on compassion and fairness— both of which are vital to fighting climate change.


9.Youth Vs. Apocalypse strongly supports and fights for the Green New Deal, including the resolution introduced by Rep. AOC and Sen. Ed Markey. We need Green resolutions that take urgent climate action with an intersectional approach.


10. Youth Vs. Apocalypse started as a group of passionate young people fighting against the placement of a coal terminal in West Oakland. We believe that local battles for environmental justice impact our global fight for climate justice

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