Media Publications & Appearances

YVA Members have written essays and op-eds published online as well as in nationally distributed publications like Teen Vogue and The Atlantic.

Op-Ed's by youth members.

  • "The Future Has It’s Eyes On You: The Time for Urgent Climate Action is Now." by Aidyn
  • "What the Youth Climate Strike Felt Like as a Woman of Color" by Isha Clarke on Teen Vogue.
  • "These 10 Op-Eds from Youth Climate Strikers Explain Their Need to Take Action" by Angelika
  • It's Not Just Our Planet That Needs a Green New Deal — Our People Do Too." by Hannah and Michael Estrada
  • "Members of Youth vs. Apocalypse Defend Their Exchange With Dianne Feinstein" by various youth members.

Articles Featuring

Youth vs Apocalypse

  • "Oakland Students Won the Right to Vote in School Board Elections" by Samuel Getachew on Teen Vogue. ​
  • "'Choose Democracy, Stop a Coup:' Guerilla Street Mural in Oakland" by David Solnit and Julie Searle
  • "On Climate Change, We're Entirely Out of Margin" by Bill McKibben on the New Yorker.
  • "Youth Activists Are Transforming the Election by Leading Protesters to the Polls" by Leanna First-Arai
  • "Pandemic forces youth climate activists to save the planet on Zoom" by Megan Calfas on the Los Angeles Times
  • "California teachers should tell CalSTRS to divest from fossil fuels" by Heath Madom 
  • "Climate activism, racial justice intersect in Bay Area protests" by J.D. Morris on the SF Chronicle
  • "Ninth Circuit judges uphold coal ruling, side with coal terminal developers" on the Sierra Club
  • "Youth lead the Earth Day digital strike" by Deonna Anderson
  • "Climate strike in Sebastopol draws young and enthusiastic crowd" by Laura Hagar Rush, Photos by Laura Hagar Rush and Irene Turner on Sonoma West.
  • "Generation Earth: East Bay Eco-Warriors, Meet three local young people fighting to save the planet" by Hannah Craddick
  • "Climate Strike: Hundreds of student march in San Francisco to stop climate change" by Lyanne Melendez
  • "Kids and Teens Strike Against Adults’ Climate Screw-Ups" by Emily Dreyfess and Andrea Valdez on Wired.
  • "‘It’s our future’: Berkeley kids leave school to join global climate strike" by Natalie Orenstein.
  • "Sonoma County high school students organize to demand action on climate change" by Nashelly Chavez and Kevin Fixler on the Press Democrat.
  • "Hundreds Of Bay Area Students March Through Downtown SF As Part of the Youth Climate Strike" by Jay Barmann on the SFist.
  • "One Planet: March 15th International Day of Youth Climate Strikes" by Rose Aguilar and Malihe. 
  • "How this youth climate activist is turning up the pressure on fossil fuel industries" by Lauren Schiller.
  • "See young activists drag 'oil tanker' down Capitol Mall in protest of CalSTRS" by Daniel Kim on the SacBee.
  • "6 Youth Climate Activists Explain Their December 6 Climate Strike" by Emily Bloch on Teen Vogue.
  • "Thousands take to San Francisco streets in Climate Strike" on the SFExaminer.
  • "Oakland Students Head To Sf To Protest Coal Terminal Plan" on SFGate.
  • "Oakland students head to SF to protest coal terminal plan" by Duncan Sinfield on KTVU Fox 2.
  • "Bay Area students plan strike to demand climate change action" on SFGate.
  • "Thousands of Bay Area students protest in SF against climate change inaction" by Steve Rubenstein , Ashley McBride and Gwendolyn Wu on the San Francisco Chronicle.
  • "Students Rally Against Judge's Ruling For Oakland Coal Hub" on NBC Bay Area.
  • "Alicia Garza Declines Award Because She Doesn't Want to Be Associated With Coal Terminal Developer Phil Tagami" by Darwin BondGraham on the East Bay Express.
  • "At EPA hearing, support for Clean Power Plan" by Peter Fimrite on the San Francisco Chronicle.
  • "Oakland march opposing new terminal for coal" on KTVU Fox 2.
  • "A 12-Year-Old Warrior for Justice" by Antonia Juhasz.
  • "Protesters Dressed as Zombies March Against Coal in Oakland" by Gillian Edevane on NBC Bay Area.
  • "Youth vs. Apocalypse: An Allied Approach to Climate Justice Leadership" on Bioneers.

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