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Marlen Garcia

Community Education Organizer - Oakland

Who is Marlen?

Marlen Garcia is a student at the college of agricultural & environmental sciences and the college of letters & science at the University of California, Davis (Wintun Land). When she moved away from home to attend college, she learned about the climate crisis and environmental injustice. Ever since she learned about such matters and came to understand the ways the climate crisis impacted her and her communities, she has devoted much of her time and efforts learning, sharing her learnings, and advocating for environmental and climate justice—thus she joined YvA as a Community Education Coordinator. Environmental justice to her means: "caring, protecting, and loving of all that makes up our environment. It’s the restorative actions and healing of the damages we already made to all that makes up our environment. It’s maintaining and sustaining our love, care, and just treatment towards all that makes up our environment even after we heal. It’s keeping all that makes up our environment healthy for EVERYONE in an equal and just way!"


Instagram: @marle.nn

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