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Lizbeth Ibarra

She/her/ellas | Board Member

Who is Matt?

Lizbeth is a 19-year old climate justice activist and organizer who was raised in Richmond, California and became involved with Youth Vs Apocalypse early in high school. She was once YVA's Social Media Coordinator, a part of Lead Circle, a part of the Organizational Management Team, and a coordinator for YVA's involvement in California Youth Vs Big Oil, a statewide coalition. Lizbeth is now a sophomore at Harvard College and since transitioned out of these roles, but has continued to support Youth Vs Apocalypse because she feels that it is important to uplift the voices of youth and communities who are on the frontlines of the climate crisis. It was through Youth Vs Apocalypse that Lizbeth learned about how the Climate Justice Movement is an intersectional movement that is not just about environmental issues, but also about public health, environmental justice, economic justice, racial justice, etc. She now continues to support Youth Vs Apocalypse as a Board Member. 

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