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IMG-3738 - Lizbeth Ibarra.jpg

Lizbeth Ibarra (she/her)

Social Media Coordinator
CA Youth Vs Big Oil Coordinator
Lead Circle Member

Who is Lizbeth?

Lizbeth is 17 years old and lives in Richmond (occupied Ohlone Territory). She enjoys being outdoors, cooking, drawing, and learning. Within YVA, Lizbeth co-coordinates our social media, the CA Youth Vs Big Oil campaign, and trys to get involved wherever she can! Lizbeth has always been conscious of the issues we’re facing as a society, specifically climate change, but didn’t get into climate justice organizing until learning that it isn’t a purely environmental issue. She started organizing and became a part of the movement after another person in YVA described:" you don’t need to know everything in order to make an impact, it’s okay to ask questions and be uncertain because at the end of the day we’re all still continuously learning."She decided to get into climate justice organizing after realizing that all of the problems and suffering we’re facing is not normal, they all intersect and have proven that another world is possible. She is motivated to continue organizing when she sees other young people that look like her and are from her own community join the movement.


How to connect with Lizbeth

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