Lead Circle

Lead circle is a selected and elected group of youth leaders who have been the most active in Youth vs Apocalypse but are certainly not the only youth in Youth vs Apocalypse as they represent hundreds of youth in the Bay Area who are in Youth vs Apocalypse as club members or are in our fellowship.

Isha Clarke, She/Her

Hey y’all! My name is Isha, I am 17 years old and am one of the co-founders of YVA! I am born, raised, and educated in The Town (Oakland/occupied Ohlone Territory) and I love to dance, write spoken word, and listen to music (feel free to hit me up for a personalized playlist :)). Before I became an organizer I believed that climate/environmental issues were a “white” thing centered in saving the polar bears and rainforests. But I’ve since learned that climate change is the result of foundational systems of white supremacy, colonialism, capitalism, and patriarchy. We are in a state of climate crisis because communities of color, indigenous people, poor people, and many others have been

deemed disposable. Climate justice is about dismantling these systems of oppression in every way that they exist— whether that be through environmental racism, police brutality, or concentration camps at the border. Join us in this fight for collective liberation!

Lizbth Ibarra, She/Her

Hey!! My name is Lizbeth, I’m 16 years old and am from Richmond (on Ohlone Territory). I enjoy being out in the sun because it puts me in the best mood, cooking (following new recipes), drawing, and learning. I’ve always been conscious of the issues we’re facing as a society, specifically climate change, but I didn’t necessarily get into climate justice organizing until learning that it isn’t a purely environmental issue. I started organizing and became a part of the movement after another person in YVA described how you don’t need to know everything in order to make an impact, it’s okay to ask questions and be uncertain because at the end of the day we’re all still continuously learning. I decided to get into climate 

justice organizing when realizing that all of the problems and suffering we’re facing aren’t normal, they all intersect and have proven that another world is possible. 

Carrie R. , They/She

Hello friends! My name is Carrie and I use she/her pronouns but I don't mind they/them pronouns. I am half Austronesian (Bikol Filipino) and half Native (Nahua Nantzin) from the Bay Area.  I am a first-generation American, coming from migrant parents and a foster kid. I'm also bisexual and nonbinary! I got into climate justice after learning the ways climate justice intersected with my initial activism, and upon learning that my mother countries are some of the most vulnerable to no longer exist in the next 50 to 75 years. I believe in more radical politics. Everyone deserves a home to live in- no one should be houseless, not even those society labels as problematic or disposable. Clean water and nutritional 

food is a human right. A livable planet and a chance to live is a human right. When I say everyone, I mean it. I believe in the liberation of the global majority. I believe in land back. It is necessary we tackle the system of injustice that continues to oppress our communities and continue kill our planet.

Sam Saxe-Taller

Hi! I’m Sam. I am a 17-year-old senior at Berkeley High School and I’ve organized with Youth vs Apocalypse  since the start of 2019. I feel most hopeful, purposeful, and powerful when I am organizing. I am committed to fighting for all forms of life, ending the climate emergency, and ending all oppression. As a Jew, I am guided by my tradition to heal the world and be connected with the land and ecosystems that sustain us. I co-lead a listening circle for YVA organizers where I teach peer-to-peer listening skills to build community and trust. I am also involved with Jewish Youth for Community Action and climate organizing at my school. When I’m not organizing, I am listening to and playing music, reading about regenerative farming, and eating homemade hummus.

Elsis Saravia, They/Them

Hello to anyone this may concern, my name is Elsis Saravia and I use they/them pronouns. I am a 14 year old aspiring filmmaker and activist. I'm from occupied Ohlone territory otherwise known as Richmond, CA and am currently a freshman at Middle College Highschool. I have a huge love for film, 80s music, taylor swift and YA novels. I found in my very short lived life that in school they never quite give you a full picture as to quite literally all of what they are teaching you, instead they give you abritrary blurred out pieces of that same picture, that you have to figure out and piece together somehow. Although they never deliberately inform you of this. I always had a feeling that the things we were being taught never made much sense nor did it help me in any way. It was not until I learned about climate change that the arbitrary pieces started to come into focus. I soon began to learn that everything about the world I once thought I understood was all merely mirage hiding the ever expanding world of capitalism. The thing that was at the root of all the suffering and violence I have had to witness was something many people didn't even know existed. I could not stand for it, how could anyone. So I began organizing with a group of 

empowering and inspiring young people in hopes of making an ever lasting impact on the world. I hope that you will one day follow suit in our journey to stop these injustices and inhuman acts of violence from continuing. 

Imani, She/Her

Hey y’all. My name is Imani and I’m in the 11th grade. I got Oakland Technical High School. I’ve been YVA for about a year now. We’ve been working had to fight climate change and the people that mean to do out planet harm. We also focus in systemic issues that come with it  because we’re not just trying to save the planet, we’re trying to save each other. We believe in a healthier climate and a healthier system that be if it’s us all. As we evolve we need to better understand each other and our values. It’s is really important to us that we and our future generations have a planet to live on. THERE IS NO PLAN B

Dulce Arias, She/Her

Hiiiiiiiii my name is Dulce and I am a random 19 year old undocu-baddie from the Bay. I am an aspiring rapper, educator, artist and I'm in favor of a new system that will prioritize the people and the very own reflection of ourselves -- the *EARTH*. I wouldn't have been wasting my precious time organizing, If I did not think these new systems were possible. I fell into organizing the second I discovered the root of climate change and the intersections of it all. As a shy, mostly introverted person, my organizing would NOT have been possible without young people just like me setting an example. How could I not fight back? When my community is constantly being treated as disposable by those sitting in positions of power.

Join the fight, everyone knows that collective action is where it's at and together we are unstoppable!


Hi, I’m Gina a 17-year-old climate/social issues activist. I’ve been in this fight for the past couple of years and got into social activism to fight for my future as a person of color. I decided to join Youth vs. Apocalypse because I heard it was a group fighting against social issues and it really interested me. Social justice is something I deeply care about because many minorities are being affected because of the climate crisis. I’ve seen how my own city is an affected outcome of increasing air pollution. The work I do with YvA is motivating because I have gotten to be able to 

connect with other youth who are passionate about learning and taking action when it comes to social justice. The work I’m able to do matters to me because I get to voice my opinion on events that are happening and am able to fight for change.

Nadja Goldberg, She/Her

Hey! My name is Nadja. I’m 17 and based in San Francisco / Ohlone Territory. A senior at Ruth Asawa School of the Arts, I am passionate about writing, hiking and biking, and eating cookies. I joined the Environmental Club at my school where we focused on individual and campus sustainability. While these changes are important, I realized that they’re not enough (nor are they accessible to everyone) and that we need collective action to knock down the oppressive foundations of the climate crisis. I have been organizing with YVA ever since May of 2018, when I learned about the fight against a coal terminal in West Oakland. There’s no other way I would rather spend my time and effort than working with a group of kind, dedicated, and powerful young people to disrupt business as usual and build a better world. 

Katerina Gaines, She/Her

Hi my name is Katerina! I am 16 years old and born and raised in the San Francisco BayArea, occupied Ohlone territory. I love working on anything creative, and always feel my best outside. I was first pulled into climate activism because of my deep love and respect for animals and the Earth. I've now made the connection that we are all a part of nature and when ecosystems are being hurt we are inevitably hurting ourselves. Working with Youth vs. Apocalypse has helped me see that climate justice is more than fighting to save nature; it's a fight to save humanity because we are a part of nature! Climate change is affecting people right now and not at all equally. I've also learned how the foundation of our government rooted in white supremacy, patriarchy, exploitation etc. are the reason why we are in a climate crisis! I've learned that climate justice is a fight for intersectional liberation as well as saving us from apocalypse! Envisioning a world built on justice, equity and sustainability is what drives me to continue my work 

towards a better world that I know is possible if we work collectively.  

Hannah Estrada

Holaaaa I’m Hannah Estrada I got into CJ work as a freshman through a program at Girls Inc in Oakland (which is where I met YVA). I ended up being in the YVA fellowship and kind of slowly fell into organizing and activism. I feel like there’s not a lot to say that hasn’t already been said. The climate issues we face are intersectional rooted in an oppressive racist and classist system. Decolonize n land back prtty simple. Oh also I’m from the city (yerrrrrr) and I’m 17:) otayyyyy happy holidays foo.

Lead circle is a selected and elected group of youth leaders who have been the most active in Youth vs Apocalypse but are certainly not the only youth in Youth vs Apocalypse as they represent hundreds of youth in the Bay Area who are in Youth vs Apocalypse as club members, are in our fellowship, campaigns, & more.

Cemre Gonen

Hey!! My name is Cemre, I’m 18 years old, and a freshman at UC Berkeley, double majoring in Society & Environment and Political Economy. I am also a Turkish immigrant living in occupied Ohlone territory. My whole family in Turkey is very political, and growing up in that environment, I was kind of always interested in politics and law. In high school I started to become more politically active as I become more aware of different social justice issues. I started to organize with various international organizations and local mutual aid orgs and joined YVA the day after the March 15, 2019 climate strike because that’s when everything, like the true interconnected off all systems of oppression and the climate crisis, truly clicked me. White supremacy, patriarchy, CAPITALISM, and colonialisms are all systems that not only perpetuate one another, but also cause other systems of oppressions, the climate crisis, and other problems. Environmental and social degradation is connected because it’s all based on the idea that some life, some people and the environment, are disposable. I believe in environmental justice, intersectional analysis, sustainability, justice, collective liberation, that no one is disposable, and everyone deserves human rights.

Aniya Butler

Hey! My name is Aniya, I am 14 years old, and a lead circle member of Youth Vs Apocalypse. I am from Oakland, California. (occupied Ohlone Territory). I've been organizing with YVA since September 2019. I am also a poet and spoken word artist. I have been writing poetry since I was 8 and performing spoken word since I was 10. I got into the climate justice movement after learning that it wasn't only an issue that was going to threaten us in the future, but that people are already being affected and dying from it NOW. I learned that this community are Black and Indigenous communities who are already vulnerable in this society. Through my poetry, I speak about the effects of climate change, the intersectionality between climate justice and social justice, and why we need to take action now. Climate change is the outcome of the oppressive systems that our country has been founded on. To achieve climate justice, we must tackle these oppressive foundational systems at the root.

Mariah Lazalde

Hi I'm Mariah Lazalde. My pronouns are she/her/they/them. I'm 16 years old and I'm from Oakland, California. I enjoy going on hikes, playing video games, reading comic books, watching movies, and fighting for our planet. I was about 12-13 years old when I got into YVA. I got into YVA through my activist work with another group called Warriors4Justice. I've been in YVA since the beginning so I guess I'm considered as one of the co-founders. Climate Justice is important to me because my family and community have been affected by the effects of burning fossil fuels, fracking, oil drilling and many more ways our earth has been hurt. But it not only affects me it affects all of us. So let's fight for a healthy planet together. 

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