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Khafre Jay

He/him | Interim Board Chair

Who is Khafre?

Khafre Jay, rooted in San Francisco's economically unequal Hunters Point, is an unyielding force for change—a community organizer, business consultant, artist, keynote speaker, and devoted father. Drawing from his lived experience in a city plagued by severe income disparity, Khafre has devoted his life to battling systemic injustice, aiming to amplify marginalized voices primarily through the power of Hip Hop.


In 2013, Khafre founded Hip Hop For Change, transforming a simple clipboard into the world's largest Hip Hop education organization. The initiative has employed over 1000 community members, educated 35,000+ K-12 youth, and raised $7 million via grassroots activism. Now, he leads Hip Hop For The People, expanding the community's access to authentic Hip Hop culture.

His tireless efforts have garnered substantial recognition. In 2022, Khafre received the Arts and Innovation Award from The East Bay Economic Development Association. He also secured accolades from the Zellerbach Family Foundation and the San Francisco Symphony in 2020. His influence reaches far beyond awards; his work and commentary have been featured across multiple media platforms, including CBS News, The SF Chronicle, KRON4, and The Black News Network.

An esteemed speaker and educator, Khafre lectures nationwide at institutions like Stanford, Tulane, and The Cambridge School for Social Justice and has delivered impactful talks on TEDx stages. As a performer, his repertoire is equally impressive; he's shared stages with Hip Hop luminaries like Rakim, Method Man, Dead Prez, and Talib Kweli.


Khafre's unique blend of Pro-Black, anti-white supremacist, and community-centered Hip Hop electrifies audiences everywhere. His unwavering objective remains: to reclaim Hip Hop as a potent tool for community empowerment, social justice, and transformational change. For Khafre Jay, the mission never pauses; it only intensifies.

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