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Julz Alfonso

Community Education & Organizing Coordinator - Oakland

Who is Julz?

Julz (they/she) was born in San Francisco and raised in the East Bay (unceded Ohlone Land) and was brought into the tradition of organizing through learning about the deep radical history that runs through the streets of the Bay Area. With a background in Sociology and Political Economy, Julz formed a deep love and commitment for political education and uplifts the notion that theory must always be matched with radical action to bring change. They have organized in the contexts of women, queer and trans, and working class liberation. She is deeply excited to take her past knowledge and passion for learning and contribute to the fight against all forms of oppression so we can defend, protect, and nourish our land and our people. With love and care in their hearts, Julz is filled with gratitude to help fight alongside the youth and learn from their struggle towards genuine and collective liberation. 

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