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Jada Imani Carter

She/her | Creative Organizing Coordinator

Who is Jada?

Jada Imani Carter is Hip Hop Artist and community curator whose extensive catalog of music is influenced by Black American genres such as Soul, Funk, and Jazz, and is guided by the wisdom of liberatory thinkers across generations. 


She currently serves as a Creative Organizing Coordinator at Youth vs Apocalypse, a board member at BAY-Peace, a Patient Advisor with California Surgeon General ACES Aware campaign and on the planning team for Bioneers conference. Her community work seeks to shift culture, and heal collective trauma.



Jada's journey into art and activism began at age 15, creating spaces for community engagement and creative expression at Oakland's First Fridays, Oakland Museum of California, Life is Living Festival and other local cafes to community centers. She loves to collaborate with partners in the movement, as the camaraderie helps her stay in love with the work.

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