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Isha Clarke (they/them)

Lead Circle Consultant


Who is Isha?

Isha is 17 years old and born, raised, and educated in The Town (Oakland/occupied Ohlone Territory). Isha is a Co-founder of YVA and loves to dance, write spoken word, and listen to music. Before they became an organizer they believed that climate issues were a "white" thing centered in saving the polar bears and rainforests. They state: "I've since learned that climate change is the result of foundational systems of white supremacy, colonialism, capitalism, and patriarchy. We are in a state of climate crisis because communities of color, indigenous people, poor people, and many others have been deemed disposable. CLimate justice is about dismantling these systems of oppression in every way that they exist- whether that be through environmental racism, police brutality, or conectration camps at the border. Join us in this fight for collective liberation!"

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