Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I join YVA?

A: YVA does not have a membership structure. People are involved in different ways. Here are the ways to work with the group:

  • take action on a campaign

  • join a planning call

  • come to actions

  • join a school-based club

  • join the fellowship

  • represent our points of unity

People can join the lead circle once they have been actively leading with YVA, and are agreed on by consensus of the prior members. 


Q: Who makes decisions for YVA?

A: The lead circle makes decisions about targets, demands, and points of unity.


Q: Who speaks on behalf of YVA?

A: The lead circle designates spokespeople for actions. Anyone who represents the points of unity, acts based on an intersectional analysis of climate justice, and works with YVA in one of the above ways can identify as part of YVA when they speak. 


Q: What are YVA’s community agreements?

-Respect & Listen to everyone’s voice

-Take Space/ Make space

-Take care of yourself/ communicate boundaries

-Challenge oppressive social dynamics through kindness

-Call “in” and repair don’t retreat

-Be open to constructive criticism


-Respect people’s cultures

-Respect the space

-Take healthy risks