Education For Mobilization

Education For Mobilization is a program at YVA where we support frontline youth leadership by meeting young people where they're at, in school. We aim to educate, build, and support the perspectives, realities, and decisions of youth who are most affected by the climate crisis. We often do this through clubs, presentations, and workshops. 

Class Presentations

Presentations are a wonderful way to help students connect the climate crisis to their everyday lives. From forest fire smoke inhalation to radioactive shipyards, thousands of young people are already affected by climate injustice. Additionally, presentations are a great way for non-frontline communities to learn about how climate injustice has affected historically marginalized communities. These presentations also serve to connect with students to begin clubs that serve as an easy and accessible route to real grassroots organizing. 

Presentations are aimed at 4th-12th graders and can be anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour depending on a teacher's schedule. Presentations can be, and are often, modified to fit a classroom's prior knowledge and learning styles. 



School Clubs

For many students, there are numerous barriers that stand in between them and organizing against injustices in their own communities. There are also many barriers that stand in the way of students learning about these injustices. Through YVA sponsored school clubs we aim to remove some of those barriers. During lunchtime, or after school, we meet, we educate, we discuss and we ask them: "What would you like to do about this and how can we support your choices?" Not only do youth get to dive deep into climate issues, we also support them in taking action against those issues. For instance, if a young person wants to create an anti fossil fuel mural  we work to make sure they have the paint, brushes, and any other resources they need to do so. 



 These spaces also allow young people to connect to the larger climate movement in the Bay Area.

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How To Start Your Own School Club

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