Most California public school teachers have no idea that CalSTRS, their pension fund, invests over $6 billion in the fossil fuel industry. It is extremely ironic that teachers, who spend their careers preparing their students for the future, have a retirement that is invested in the destruction of their students’ future and is also a financial risk to their pension.

We must show CalSTRS that they cannot silence the youth and keep teachers from knowing what is happening in their boardroom and about their $6 billion investments that are funding a climate catastrophe. Since CalSTRS is the largest teachers’ pension fund in the country, what happens in California can have a tremendous impact globally.

Meetings are Tuesdays @ 5:00pm PST.

Red, Black, & Green New Deal

The U.S. was founded on the attempted genocide of Indigenous people and the kidnapping and enslavement of African people. As we fight to stop the climate crisis, we must center the very people whose suffering is linked to the core of what we are fighting to dismantle. We want to thrive, and we refuse to rebuild the same systems that have terrorized our people for centuries. This campaign will focus on shifting power to the people who have throughout history and still today bear the brunt of oppression. We will fight to defund institutions of white supremacy and violence (like police, military, and ICE) and invest those funds into community-led solutions for a truly equitable and sustainable society.

This campaign meets Thursdays @ 6pm PST.

No Coal in Oakland


Click here for video of the NCIO campaign.

Youth Vs Apocalypse got its start fighting to keep a massive, unhealthy, and climate-destroying coal terminal from being built through West Oakland, an area already disproportionately impacted by racist and classist pollution.  The Oakland City government blocked the proposed coal terminal, but the developers are suing the city, and the project is now tied up in federal and California lawsuits. When we successfully block this coal terminal from being built, we will have protected WO residents from even more detrimental pollution and kept millions of tons of coal from adding to global climate change. Join us in this key local and global battle for climate justice!

This campaign meets Wednesdays @ 3pm PST.

#CAYouth vs Big Oil

California is already experiencing the horror of the climate emergency, but while leaders like Governor Newsom call themselves climate champions, they are acting in the interest of the fossil fuel industry, and neglecting our most vulnerable communities. Governor Newsom has increased fossil fuel activity in frontline communities, passing 1500 new fracking permits in 2020 alone! This is not only an issue around climate change, but, with 92% of people living around fossil fuel production sites being communities of color, most of whom are also working class, an issue of environmental racism and classism. We envision a world where every child can breath clean air, where a community's health and well-being isn't threatened by gas & oil operations, and where we can all thrive in a just and sustainable society. 

Meetings are Thursdays @ 6:00pm.

BlackRock's Big Problem

BlackRock is the largest investor driving new coal plant development, it is the largest investor in oil and gas, and the largest investor in companies driving deforestation.

BlackRock is a structural force in our economy with the power to guide the flow of trillions of dollars in investment capital, therefore, If we want to have a shot at tackling the climate crisis, BlackRock must stop pouring money into the destruction of our climate and communities

Campaign meeting times are Mondays @ 6:00pm start 2/22/2021.