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Cemre Gonen

Campaign Organizer, CA Youth Vs Big Oil

Who is Cemre?

Seray Cemre Gönen is a Turkish environmental justice activist, studying Society and Environment, and Political Economy at the University of California-Berkeley. After working with various international organisations and mutual aid groups, she became an organizer with Youth Vs Apocalypse when she was 16 after attending a YVA led climate strike. Her activism is based on the realization that the systems of white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism, and colonialism not only perpetuate one another, but also cause other systems of oppression and the climate crisis. Understanding that environmental and social degradation are connected, in that they are both based on the idea that some people and the environment are disposable, she advocates for environmental justice, intersectional and interdisciplinary analysis, sustainability, collective liberation, and the fact that no one is disposable. She states: "When the reality that we're living in with these problems can seem so grim, organizing provides community, an outlet, and an effective means of creating change, which is why I love it so much".

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