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Cemre Gonen (she/her)

Lead Circle Member

Who is Cemre?

Cemre is an 18-year-old UC Berkeley student double majoring in Society & Environmental and Political Economy. Cemre is a Turkish immigrant living in occupied Ohlone Territory. Cemre's family in Turkey was always very political and growing up in that environment pushed them to become interested in law and politics. In high school, they started to become more aware of different social issues and began organizing with various international organizations and local mutual aid orgs. Cemre joined YVA the day after the March 15, 2019 climate strike because: "...that's when everything, like the true interconnected off all systems of oppression and the climate crisis, truly clicked for me. White supremacy, patriarchy, CAPITALISM, and colonialisms are all systems that not only perpetuate one another, but also cause other systems of oppressions, the climate crisis, and other problems. Environmental and social degradation is connected because it's all based on the idea that some life, some people and the environment, are disposable. I believe in environmental justice, intersectional analysis, sustainability, justice, collective liberation, that no one is disposable, and everone deserves human rights."