This is the Time

This is The Time is a campaign in which young people are calling on their adult allies to do everything in their power to leave us a livable and just society. The breakdown that we are living through is due to the crumbling of our unsustainable foundation of white supremacy, colonialism, capitalism, and patriarchy. This means that we have a unique opportunity to dismantle that faulty foundation, and build a new one based in equity, humanity, and true sustainability. Join us in this fight for climate justice and a beautiful future! 

Green New Deal

The Green New Deal Campaign is an effort to advocate for the implementation of the Green New Deal as national policy. Our campaign has involved protests, block parties, and a press conference. At these events, we explore the potential of the Green New Deal to catalyze a just transition and avert the worst impacts of climate change. We have taken our message directly to elected representatives by protesting at Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein’s offices and discussing the Green New Deal with Pelosi’s staff and Feinstein herself.

Weekly meetings for this campaign will resume in January 2021.

No Coal in Oakland

Youth Vs Apocalypse got its start fighting to keep a massive, unhealthy, and climate-destroying coal terminal from being built through West Oakland, an area already disproportionately impacted by racist and classist pollution. This is a massive human health issue that disproportionately impacts various marginalized communities in Oakland through what can be described as environmental racism. YVA’s Campaign is based on the urgent need to block coal imports by showing the public the true cost of coal. The Oakland City government has blocked the proposed coal terminal, but the developers are suing the city, and the project is now tied up in federal and California lawsuits. 

This campaign is on hold or is in need of a new campaign leader. Contact us if you are interested.


Most California public school teachers have no idea that CalSTRS, their pension fund, invests over $6 billion in the fossil fuel industry. It is extremely ironic that teachers, who spend their careers preparing their students for the future, have a retirement that is invested in the destruction of their students’ future and is also a financial risk to their pension.

We must show CalSTRS that they cannot silence the youth and keep teachers from knowing what is happening in their boardroom and about their $6 billion investments that are funding a climate catastrophe. Since CalSTRS is the largest teachers’ pension fund in the country, what happens in California can have a tremendous impact globally.

This campaign is on hold or is in need of a new campaign leader. Contact us if you are interested.

#CAYouth vs Big Oil

In the name of our health and future, we need the Governor take action now and side with us, the people, over fossil fuel CEOs.

Governor Newsom has the executive authority to not only address this crisis, but also set a global standard for climate leadership prioritizing justice and equity for young people, frontline communities and workers at every stage of the process.

This campaign meets every other Thursday.

BlackRock's Big Problem

BlackRock is the largest investor driving new coal plant development, it is the largest investor in oil and gas, and the largest investor in companies driving deforestation.

BlackRock is a structural force in our economy with the power to guide the flow of trillions of dollars in investment capital, therefore, If we want to have a shot at tackling the climate crisis, BlackRock must stop pouring money into the destruction of our climate and communities

This campaign is in need of a co-coordinator to start. Message us if you are interested.

Reclaim Our Power

 As wildfires rage through California and PG&E cuts power to millions of people, we’re bringing together communities that have been unfairly burdened with the impacts of a dirty, dangerous energy system to demand a safe, reliable, community-and-worker-owned energy system that benefits all Californians, especially the people most harmed by PG&E.


Go to for more information. This campaign is currently taking a winter break and will resume January 2021.

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