CalSTRS is the California State Teachers Retirement System. It's an elected board of 12 teachers/school administrators that decide where to invest the pension funds of all CA public school teachers. Today, over 6 billion dollars of teacher money is invested in fossil fuels (coal, gasoline, natural gas.) Only 3 members of the CalSTRS board support divesting this money. 


The Divest CalSTRS campaign is trying to divest all CA teacher pension funds from fossil fuels. We're doing this by 

1) Trying to pass a divestment bill that would force CalSTRS to divest 

2) Getting teachers to pressure the CTA to support divestment 

3) Pressuring individual board members to divest. 

What Can You Do?

Sign and Share Our Petition 

Join Our Campaign

Be a leader and an organizer with us to urge CalSTRs to divest. We meet Tuesdays at 6 PM PST on Zoom.

Campaign Coordinator: 510 283 1492, Raven

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Teacher Divestment

Hey Teachers! Follow the steps below to help divest your pension money from fossil fuels and environmental racism. 

2 Minute Actions For CTA Union Members

10 Minute Actions For CTA Union Members

  • Call the CTA at 650-697-1400 and ask them to support fossil fuel divestment

  • Contact your local union rep and ask them to urge the CTA to support divestment

  • Ask your local CTA chapter to bring a fossil fuel divestment resolution up for a vote at a union meeting.

  • Contact teachers at other schools and ask them to follow the steps above

Other Actions For CTA Union Members

Actions For CFA Union Members