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#CA Youth Vs Big Oil

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We envision a world where every child can breathe clean air, where our community’s health and well-being aren’t threatened by gas & oil operations, and where we can all thrive in a just and sustainable society. We’re a coalition of youth across California demanding that Governor Newsom STOPS approving new oil & gas permits, DROPS all existing production through a just transition, and ROLLS out 3200ft health and safety zones. 

California is already experiencing the horrors of the climate crisis, but while leaders like Governor Newsom call themselves climate champions, they are acting in the interest of the fossil fuel industry, and neglecting our most vulnerable communities. Newsom has increased fossil fuel activity in frontline communities and continues to pass countless fracking permits. With 92% of communities living around fossil fuel production sites being communities of color, most of whom are also working class, this is an issue of environmental racism and classism.

Opinion: Recall May Be Over But Climate Crisis Is Not

"Yet, although California has a reputation of being a climate leader, it remains one of the largest oil-producing states in the nation. More than five million Californians live near an active oil well, and California is the only state with no setback distances governing the proximity of oil drilling to communities." Read More....


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