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Angelika Soriano (she/her)

Lead Circle Member

Who is Angelika?

 Angelika is a 16-year-old climate activist from Oakland, California. She found out about YVA through a student-led social justice club called Warriors for Justice. Angelika has been organizing with YVA since learning about the fight against a coal terminal in West Oakland. She says that being part of YVA has helped her realized that hervoice matters and the huge impact we all could make on this planet we call our home. She states: "It has inspired and empowered me to work with young people in building a better, healthier world. Climate Justice is important because the people I care for and my community have faced and suffered the effects of climate change (our planet is literally on fire!!). Climate justice is also about how climate change is interconnected and rooted in oppressive systems. To stop the climate crisis, we have to address and fight together to take down these systems of oppression."

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