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Anaya Sayal

Lead Circle Member

Who is Anaya?

Anaya Sayal is fifteen years old, attends Dougherty Valley High School, and lives in San Ramon, CA. She is a campaign coordinator and Lead Circle member for Youth Vs Apocalypse. She became involved with YVA because she had idly watched what’s been happening with our climate for far too long and realized she had to do everything in her power to fight for YVA’s completely plausible ambition of climate justice. She believes that it’s extremely unfair to put future generations into a clearly unsafe situation blindly, while the knowledge and resources available to prevent the progression of this climate catastrophe are present. She also realized that many members of the government which we are being represented by contain habits that are centered around racial inequality, white supremacy, and patriarchy. She strongly believes that we need to rid our community of oppression of all types and concentrate on making our reality match how we envision a sustainable climate. At times, she realizes this can feel like an uphill battle, but having support from other organizations and activists provides her with feelings of comfort and hope. She truly believes we can accomplish whatever we set our minds to, and cannot wait to see our future environment as long as we continue working for and defending what we believe and what matters to us. Being a campaign coordinator in YVA allows her to do this, and what she appreciates most about YVA is how much independence members are given and how comfortable and appreciative everyone is of each other.


Instagram: @anaya_salal

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