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Alyssa Lee

Operations Manager

Who is Alyssa?

Alyssa Lee (she/her) is a proud adult supporter of YVA with extensive involvement in grassroots and youth climate organizing since 2012. She got her organizing start in the student fossil fuel divestment movement, in which she was involved for 8 years. She also worked with the Youth Climate Finance Alliance to end big banks' funding of fossil fuels. She is passionate about strategies to build local power and resilience, to end the fossil fuel economy, and to create new systems that permanently place people before profit. 


Alyssa was born in 1993 and lives on the Miwok and Nisenan land known as Sacramento. She grew up between Los Angeles, Placentia, Turlock, and Modesto, and has great love for the Central Valley. She also lived in the Boston area for 6 years, which unlocked her love for biking and opened her heart to the joys and transformative possibilities of walkable, mixed-use, and economically resilient communities that are not car-dependent. 


As Operations Manager, Alyssa helps YvA to manage their human resources, maintain their budget and payment systems, track grants, hold day-to-day management, and grow as an organization while still holding on to their activist and grassroots spirit.


Alyssa loves animals, karaoke, baking vegan cookies, playing tennis badly, and watching video essays. 

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